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Our partners resell, integrate and implement the Bizztracker solution to provide portfolio business intelligence to our mutual customers.

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Stay focused on the big picture

At Bizztracker we take pride in our promise to deliver a full fledged project portfolio management application to you and your customers. We offer a full range of project portfolio management functionality required to facilitate strategic decision making and operational monitoring of the project portfolios. We are dedicated to helping you grow your business successfully, with the reassurance and support of our dedicated channel team. We support our partners with a comprehensive Partner Program to drive long term profitability and customer satisfaction.

  • Channel-first business model
  • Attractive, profitable partner programs
  • Easy to work with

Our partner types

Join our value added reseller network

Bizztracker is partnering with industry-leading resellers and providing them with the necessary tools and solutions to increase their business. As a VAR reseller you are covering both sales and account management from closing the deal up to implementing and supporting the customer afterwards.

  • Increase your revenue. Grow your margins by partnering with and selling Bizztracker. The percentage of the sales revenue depends on your partner status: silver, gold and platinum.
  • Grow your scope. Extend your client offering by providing services built around Bizztracker, like consultancy services
  • Access training. Scale your implementation and solution delivery expertise and capacity with the bizztracker sales and technical training and certifications.

Complement your solution with bizztracker

Integrate complementary products via open interfaces and standards to make outstanding solutions. Simply put, it is about solutions that complement our portfolio.

Our technology partner offer products that are compatible with ours, integrate well and support management to make better decisions.

  • Profitable partnership. Being involved in our sales and marketing programs gives you market reach.
  • Complete integration. Benefit from exclusive access to documentation, tools and testing.
  • Certification. Conduct tests together with us and, if successful, certificates are granted to confirm results.
  • Support and contact. Technology partners have access to extensive support. And events for partners are held to tie into the partner network and build a strong community.

Join our network to extend your reach

As knowledge partner you have expertise in project portfolio management related topics and supports customers with your consultancy services.

In case bizztracker identifies the need / request of a customer for support requiring experienced consultants, we will reach out to our network of knowledge partners to support our customers. Being linked with bizztracker will lead to additional assignments extending your market reach.

Recommend Bizztracker to your customers

Expand your role with customers by recommending solutions that drive the board room. Set up a meeting with your prospect and a Bizztracker consultant and let us do the magic.

  • Grow in revenue. Get rewarded for recommending Bizztracker to customers by receiving a percentage of the sales value once a deal is closed.
  • Add value. Provide ongoing expertise and value to your customers and introduce Bizztracker when the time is right.
  • Optimize your time. Reduce the time and energy learning new products and allow Bizztracker to assist with the process and education of your customers

Why partner with Bizztracker

We make it easy for our partners to grow revenue year after year. Whether you resell our products and / or act as a knowledge partner, we support you along the way.

With a project portfolio management application that is easy to demo, easy to configure and easy to support, you can grow your business successfully, with the reassurance that you are fully supported by our sales team.

Our partner program helps you retain and grow your customer base and increase profits. You’ll enjoy deal protection, competitive discounts, ready-to-use lead generation programs and sales tools and training.

What do we value in partners

  • The partner organisation has expertise in the field of project portfolio management and has a track record of working with customers on the subject.
  • The partner invests to become a bizztracker expert through conducting the training and certification program.
  • A cultural fit between bizztracker and the partner is crucial: our core values are no nonsense, pragmatic, flexibel and transparant.
  • A partner agreement is signed between the parties.

Partner duties

  • The bizztracker application is promoted, implemented and supported in line with the agreed business plan.
  • Sufficient employees of the partner organisation have followed the bizztracker training and certification program and the continuous program to remain up-to-date so the full potential of the partnership can be reached.
  • Our partners contribute to a positive awareness of the  brand bizztracker in all possible situations.